Quick report about yesterday

Sorry that I couldn’t tell you what I did yesterday 😀 was a bit tired.

at the early morning I decided to go out to my favorite bakery to get some delicious food and eat out at the imperial park but as my luck goes the bakery wasn’t open yet so I just went ahead to the park. I did go to this park before but last time I were there I did not know about the Japanese garden that was there 😀 totally forgot to look at the map last time 😀

All morning walking around that park made me hungry so I went back to my bakery and got something to eat and came home quickly to get my jacket because it was so windy outside and to eat. After I finished eating I left to a park near Tsukiji fish market, now that park was amazing! One of my favorites in Tokyo actually 😀

Time flew past there very fast and then I walked to the railway and went over the Rainbow bridge to go to Odaiba to catch some photos, in there I found something that made me in love to Japan even more, I knew they existed but never seen them before ! Ice cream vending machine!! I had to try one , it was sooo delicious 😀

I walked all of odaiba pretty much until I found myself back to Rainbow bridge, I tried to capture a nice view of the city from the bridge but the wind was so fast that it almost threw me off the bridge so I just quickly went there and ran back and went to the next train back to home 😀

that was my day in short 😀 we’ll see what I’ll do today 😀 I have no idea yet 😛

Ari Helminen

ps.Thank you for reading and visiting my blog/flickr


2 thoughts on “Quick report about yesterday

  1. Hi !

    I enjoy my life very well here 🙂
    In Tokyo everything is okay 😀

    thank you for visiting my blog and liking my photos 🙂 Soon new photos 🙂

  2. Hi Ari!
    Always nice to read your blog! It really gives insight about the everyday life in Tokyo, even despite the recent events. You seem to be enjoying yourself!
    Thanks for all the nice pictures you publish, and I wish you the best during your stay in Japan!

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