Well today…

This morning started nicely. I woke up and left to see the Sky tree up close, first I was thinking ” how the heck I’m going to find the right subway station” but then I remembered ” that thing is pretty much the second most tallest in the world… ” so yes I did find it without any hassle. It is breath taking ! I can’t wait to go up there when it finishes !

After Sky tree I came home to eat a little and decided to leave my camera bag at home and go shopping, But yet again I could not find anything. I did find amazing stylish clothes but I was not sure if it would look good on me and I had no one to ask that question from, So I took a mental image of everything I liked and need to go there with a friend later to see if they are okay on me 😀

I also visited Akihabara today, I went more deeper inside the Otaku culture today 😀 I went really far inside all the amazing stores with all the thousands of figures,animes,mangas and games ! very interesting stuff there! took everything I had on my will not to use all my money there 😀

Then I went to Ginza to check couple of shops and see that Moomin exhibition again.It’s so interesting how many people like the moomin here ! And how everything is so expensive of them and in Finland they don’t cost anything 😀

and now it is 6.21pm (18.21) I’m sitting.. mm I wonder what you call this place 😀 a room that is in my apartment building that has all the 200yen washing machines and dryers 😀 Well here 😀 waiting that my clothes are done , I know japan is save enough country to leave the clothes alone in the machine and come to get them when they are done and no one would steal them, but I just didn’t want to sit in my room always 😀 nicer to be somewhere else 😀 and since Mac is such a nice looking laptop it is nice to bring it with you 😀

This old Japanese man just thought me how to use the 200yen washing machine , I understood half of his Japanese 😀 I hope I got it right 😀 in 18 minutes we’ll see what color they are and if they are intact 😀

Next challange is ! Dryer 😀 should be easy enough , put the clothes in , then money in , and dadaaa done 😀

I want to see if it really is that easy 😀 ( never used a dryer in my life ) 😀

and after I got all of this done, I might go out with my cam to take some some nightly photos of Tokyo 🙂 in a month or two I will get better ones when the big screens and all the lights are working tho, now with the power savings not all of them are on 🙂

I will be uploading the photos of the sky tree in couple of hours if nothing else happens 🙂

Tomorrow I might leave Tokyo by the way , Just for a day trip somewhere 😀


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