Day in 鎌倉市, Kamakura-shi

I woke up early morning and went quickly to the shower and checked that I had my camera battery full and phone with me. I left from Monzen-Nakacho at 7.30 and of course at that time the trains are very full! but I got no problems being so close to people. Actually it is always an interesting adventure to go that early to the trains. I changed trains few times until I got to Kamakura the trip took me about 60 minutes (Monzen-Nakacho via Nihonbashi via Shimbashi via Totsuka to Kamakura ).

When I arrived to Kamakura of course the tourist information was closed but gladly they had a bit directions in English, I took the number 1 buss from the Kamakura station to Daibutsumae and in there you can see the Great Buddah ! 11.4 meters tall, Breathtaking ! with just 20 yen you can enter inside him and I did 😀 very interesting experience !

After the Great Buddah I just started following people and found many beautiful shrines and temples as you can see in my flickr!  You can easily see everything in that town by walking, no need to use the trains and buses if you don’t want to 😀

I also went to the beach to see the sea ! I haven’t seen a real beach for so long time 😀 Almost dipped in for a swim 😀 It was a very hot day for a guy from northern Europe so of course I took my jacket off but still all the Japanese were with winter jackets.

I did not see everything Kamakura has to offer but that is because I want to visit there again in this trip so I left many shrines for the next time 🙂 but I’d say I saw about 50% of it 🙂

if you are in Japan or coming to Japan, I suggest traveling to Kamakura, amazing day trip from Tokyo ! ( you can go there with Suica) just wanted to add that since I love Suica 😀

52/137 photos is now uploaded 🙂 bit more time for the rest !

Today I am planing to go to Ikebukuro to sunshine 60 to chill out a bit and now in the morning I will go to my bakery to buy something to eat and go to Ueno park to eat 🙂

ps. I will be doing more of these kind of day trips to all the Areas near tokyo and of course soon I will visit South Japan. Osaka, Kyoto and more 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you’ll like my photos:)

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