Zoo day !

Today in the morning I saw that Ueno zoo was opened again after the earthquake, so of course I had to go 😀
But the Lines (queues) were shocking 1 I’d say at least 1000 people and more coming every minute when I came there.
I have photos of the queues that I will post to my flickr.

Waiting in a line all morning was not in my plans so I went and walked a bit around Ueno to see if the line would get smaller later but even after 30minutes the line was the same or actually even longer.
But then I noticed that there is another entrance to the Zoo, ( I was at the main entrance) so I walked to the other side of the Zoo and guess what , there was no one there 😀 so I bought my ticket from the machine and went in.

I did like the Zoo a lot, absollutely one of my favorites!
After I seen one of the two sides of the Zoo I went to the “main part” and guess what I went in line to see the Giant panda and that queue was crazy long 😀 but very fast moving luckily. I’d say at least 500 people were ahead of me or more 😀

The pandas were super cute ! I got some nice photos of them I think 😀 haven’t checked them yet.
Need to see if I edit the photos today or tomorrow 🙂

after the Zoo I went to akihabara to check how much psp games cost , since I want to buy psp a lot now because everyone has one here 😀

That was my day today pretty much 🙂 Tomorrow will be much better day 🙂

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