What a place ! a must visit for everyone who are in Tokyo!

Early morning I was wondering where I should go today and I read some comments on my blog and thanks to “tayaaaan” I went to Shinjuku in the morning and took a rapid train.

The train trip went fast, was watching the scenery through the windows and also kinda started watching Starwars from my ipod touch. Soon as I arrived there I was wondering a bit where to go but the best way is to follow everyone else, there was only about 10 + I in the train and everyone seemed to go up the mountain.

I went up the mountain by “Lift” a chair you sit in that goes high on a cable. To be honest I got no idea what is the name for it 😀 I got tons of photos of it so I will be posting them soonish!

Saw some delicious Dango so I had to buy one for me before I start my hiking trip on top, it was so delicious !!!

When I reached the top the view was breathtaking you could see valleys and mountains and in the back Mt.Fuji! I haven’t yet checked my photos well but I do hope that those photos of Mt.Fuji came good !

At this point of the trip my leg was killing me so much, the same leg as I wrote in the last post. So I sat down in a traditional Japanese restaurant and ate “something” not 100% sure what it was but it was delicious as well ! I like doing this ” これわください。” and point a picture of a food or a name of a food 😀 or also “おまかせおください。” which works pretty well too 😀 ( I took a photo of it of course so you can tell me what I ate)

After I ate I went hiking a bit more to the forest but the pain in my leg started to be bigger and bigger, so I start to go back to the lift thingy. An old Japanese man was asking me in Japanese if I’m okay since I was walking in a very weird way with my leg.. well jumping with one leg pretty much 😀 I tolled him that I’m fine ( だいじょうぶ、ありがとうございます) and he helped me to get to the lift 🙂 Got a love Japanese people !!!

When I got back down I went to the train station and took the first Semi rapid Keio line train back to shinjuku and of course I fell a sleep on it 😀 and came back home at Monnako (もんぜんなかちょ).

Trying to heal my leg now , but also thinking that not moving anywhere tomorrow then to the store , just staying here at home and fixing my foot ! I think it just needs rest! I hope since I got no medicine for it !

I took about 700 photos today there so I will upload the good ones later, could be already tomorrow 🙂

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

ps. if any of you got these kind of nice ideas where I should go, please do write a comment here or send me an email 🙂 ( or facebook, twitter) very easy to contact me.

6 thoughts on “Mt.Takao

  1. 😀
    yea I had a feeling it was something like that ! I will google it and get some more info ! I need to get it well today heh tomorrow is already a busy day.
    I got good insurance so I just need to call one number and they find me a doctor to go to visit right a way.
    Nikon is a great camera brand, I pretty much only use Nikon 😀 need to get a small nikon as well so I don’t need to carry that big camera always.
    oohhh a lot of people in here are collecting donations 😀 feels like I’m giving too much but you can never give too much 😀
    I love ramen 😀 haha
    if my leg won’t be better after today I will go and get checked up tomorrow morning.
    your son will love Japan I’m sure of that ! 😀
    editing the new photos right now 😀 uploading them in couple of hours 😀
    yea going to Kyoto in a bit 😀 found a very good deal to go there 😀
    bye bye 😀

  2. p.s. Yes, I have an idea. You should go to Kyoto. It is VERY beautiful there from the photos I’ve seen!

  3. Mr. Ari, thank you for your speedy reply! Maybe you strained the calf muscle…try stretching it out a few times a day (google how to do a stretch after power-walking or jogging). I can’t easily explain how I do it, so you should google and get a diagram how to do it.
    Anyway, I am enjoying looking through your photos ( I have a little Nikon). We have a group of us centred around, it seems, a friend (musician artist) in Tokyo (he lives there). He is working on getting donations for the orphans and orphaned pets in Northwestern Japan. Maybe you’ll bump in to him one day 🙂 I will pass your facebook page on to him and maybe he can meet you sometime for ramen! Take care of your leg and if it doesn’t feel better in a few days you should let a doctor check it out and give you some good muscle cream. Enjoy beautiful Sakura! E. (I have a son who is going to be 25 on June 4, you are nearly his age.)
    Bye bye for now….!

  4. Good morning 🙂
    Great to hear that you love my photos !!!
    I’m thinking about that, I got very good insurance so no problem there, but I got a feeling that this is normal when you have walked a lot, when you normally do not walk this much, since almost all of the escalators in Tokyo are closed we have to walk even more.
    The pain is like between my ankle and knee, but now the pain is not that bad as it was yesterday. today I will try to get some medicine or cream to put on it to see if it would help.
    resting for today and not going anywhere else then the store.
    I will enjoy Tokyo 🙂
    Thank you
    Soon I will add more photos too 🙂

  5. Hello Mr. Ari,
    we love your photos! I am writing to tell you that you should see a doctor about your foot: that doesn’t sound normal to me.
    with all best wishes, and enjoy Tokyo!

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