with Bob Sapp フーターズ Hooters, 東京

Yesterday I went to Hooters in Tokyo with my friend !

the Food was good and women were beautiful ! plus we met Bob Sapp !
any of you who watch K-1 or Pride for example must know him !

He was about 15 times my size!!

We went there at 7pm at Friday evening but, we had to wait in line for about 2 hours until we got in but it was totally worth it !

Thursday I was just relaxing at home healing my foot and it did help a lot now my foot is much better.

Today I’m going out with my friend to a Finnish restaurant in Tokyo and after that probably izakaya of course, Saturday tradition 😀

I will edit the photos from Mt.takao soon for you all !
since it seems that next few days it will be raining here, I will go shopping and just chill out in the stores and maybe take photos inside stores , uuhhh and could finally visit museums if they are open 😀

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