Yesterday I went to a Finland cafe but to be honest it was much more nicer then anything in Finland !

After that we decided to go to Yokohama China town ! what an interesting place ! absolutely need to go there again with my camera !

Then we walked from China town to a mall in Yokohama harbor, it was very windy but still quite warm for me at least.

And of course as every Saturday we went to Izakaya ! ate delicious food again and drank a bit too !
but sadly my tooth started hurting and we had to stop the evening short 😦 next time I need to be better 😀

Today I’m not 100% sure what to do yet, probably going to Ikea in Chiba to buy few small things 🙂 and to take photos too.

I decided that I will just start taking random photos here as well so you can get a better insight for my life in here, not just those “touristic” photos I have taken now 🙂

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