geeky day (otaku day)

Today in the morning I went to shibuya, but I did not realize how early I went there since everything was closed.

I was going to a store called mandarake. but it was opening at 12 and I were there already at 9am so I just walked around Shibuya and ate breakfast, time flew kinda fast tho.

that store was very interesting from geeky point of view. So after shibuya I left to go to Shonen jump store at suidobashi , and I ended up buying few figures! , left from there to go to Ginza to see if I can find any nice clothes but couldn’t find any. I suck at buying clothes for myself ! anyone wanna help me ??? heh

now planing tomorrow ! if it will be a sunny day I will be having a great day ! but if rainy again.. then we just need to hope for a fun day 😀

I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged as much or uploaded much photos, but I will soon again get back to normal schedule ! been kinda tired from everything 😀 well and busy busy !

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