Hey hey hey

Hi there !

The past few days has gone by so fast ! and I fear that I’m turning more of a otaku then expected 😀

April 21st I was home most of the morning editing and doing stuff, then in the evening I went to Akihabara to buy few things that I will show you soon. (I’m turning in to a otaku)

22nd was somewhat of a lazy day as well ! I went to chill out in Ginza, went through the shops and bought few things and after that I went to akihabara to meet one of my friends and we ate at the Gundam cafe and shopped at Akihabara again!

And today has been somewhat of a relaxing day … NOT it has been raining so much all day that I woke up at 4 am because of the rain and could not sleep after that. I went early in the morning to akihabara quickly and also met my friend. (I’m writing this post from my iphone4 at the moment) 😀

now it is 3pm and I have a feeling that this day will be long 😀 !

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