Tokyo DisneyLand !

Yesterday my friend took me to Tokyo disney land !

She first did not tell me where we were going, just tolled me that I have to be in one metro station at 7am. I wasn’t even sure if I should take my camera or not but luckily I did !! we went on the trains and one buss too ( she was trying to confuse me probably) 😀 when I saw the signs of Tokyo disney land I got it ! “We are going to disney land !!”

I have half battery on my camera but luckily my camera has two memory card slots so had enough space :D, (normally I have my camera back that has backup battery and backup memory cards) but I did take about 2000 photos there 😀 and we went to many machines also , she was saying that normally the queue is about 2-3 hours per an attraction but now there was only about 15min-70min so not that bad at all 😀

we ate at Alice wonderland restaurant and had lots of fun in general !!!! one of my greatest memories of Japan now !

😀 having a bit of money trouble now so need to be a bit more careful 😀

Today my legs and shoulders and very tired so I just might take a quick trip to Akihabara to check one thingy and then come back home to Edit photos, at least that is the plan for now but it might change tho 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tokyo DisneyLand !

  1. Hey Hey !

    Yea I went !
    I actually just now got the photos edited ! like 10 sec ago 😀
    Takao was amazing and going there again next month 😀
    My legs are fine now, thank you for asking 🙂

    I will add the Disney land photos in a moment 😀

  2. Wow! You went to TDL!?
    I LOVE DONALD 😉 it’s soo cute 🙂 🙂
    Can’t wait TDL photos~~ 🙂
    and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Mt.Takao.
    Are your legs better well now?

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