good evening to ya’ll !!!

yesterday was an amazing day!

Early morning I went to Shinjuku and went on the 45th floor of the twin towers of tokyo metropolitan building and after I came down  I went to the tourist office and took pretty much everything from there. I did not want to carry them with me all day so I took them back to my place.

After that I left to see some special Anime stores but then something sad happened, I fell down in the stairs at ikebukuro station and broke my cameras lens a little bit ! it is still working a bit tho !

At 7.30pm I went to a Izakaya party and met many new friends and catch up with old ones !

today I went to Ginza to see the huge line of people who wanted to buy ipad 2 and the white iphone 4, I did not want to go to the queue so I’ll get the ipad2 later on 😀

I bought one very cool looking shirt and then I left to Ikebukuro to buy few anime related goodies ! after that to harajuku to chill out a bit and then came back home.

Cleaned, washed my laundry and now I’m organizing an izakaya event for next week with my friend in Tokyo

Tomorrow planing to go to Yokohama to take photos !”

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