My love of Japan.

I have been trying to think, how I could put in words my feelings of Japan but it is very hard.

everyday I feel like … how could I say this. I feel like I’m at home, that I’m in the place where I belong.
I never felt like this in my life, not in Finland (where I was born) or any other country I traveled!

Of course it is an amazing feeling to be here but I have this weird feeling that this is where I belong. I must have been Japanese in my past life if you believe in such things !

Nothing that happens here doesn’t feel strange to me, like the bowing, saying thank you a lot, respect given to people and the daily life of Japanese.

also I “enjoy” being in the morning rush hour train, if you been in Tokyo and been in it, you know what I’m talking about. most foreigners and to be some Japanese hate it and some can’t even stand it.

Japanese culture has so much variety that you could spent all your life here and there would be something new around the corner !

What can I say. I absolutely Love Japan, many Gaijin ( foreigners) I consider as my friends in Japan have tolled me that I act more and more like the Japanese do every time they meet me.
maybe I learn fast, or just mimic or maybe my past life is catching up to me.

It is so difficult to put my feelings in words seriously ! the best way that I can imagine is ..
That I feel that this is my home, Japan is my home.
Finland is just where I was born in but Japan is where I belong,
not saying that Finland is that bad country , it is not! actually Finland is very nice ! but I don’t feel comfortable there. I don’t feel like “This is where I belong” .

Thank you Japan!
Thank you Tokyo !
Thank you all the people of Japan !



2 thoughts on “My love of Japan.

  1. Great post and I feel the same way.

    Have tickets to Japan for 18days in October and can’t wait. Awesome blog and keep it up!

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