Throat hurts !

yep could not find my ipad2 ! sold out everywhere in Tokyo and I mean everywhere !

but I got the contact info of one guy who works at shibuya apple store so just need to call him daily to ask “Is it there yet?” 😀

I have been going to izakaya pretty much everyday now ! yesterday I organized an izakaya event and shinjuku with my friend and we had a nice turn out as well ! ( if you my reader ever want to join our events just send me an email , no matter if you are Japanese or Gaijin. Drinking and delicious food and always fun and great place for you to meet new people 🙂

but yea after the Izakaya we noticed that ops we missed the last train ( like always) so what do we do ? Well KARAOKE OF COURSE !

throat hurt me a lot this morning when I went to sleep, I came to my place at 6am or so and went to sleep and woke up at 11am.

cleaned my apartment and went for a run and worked out , showered too ! all fresh and clean for a new day of fun in my life in Tokyo

2 thoughts on “Throat hurts !

  1. Hi !
    Next week ! if you have a facebook I can add you as a friend and send you invitations to our izakaya evenings !
    Sakura house is a very good place ! I’m glad you chose them !
    also my email is at the contact info of my blog but here
    Thank you


  2. Moi ari!
    I am going to japan next week and i enjoy reading your blogs, i feel the same way about japan as you do. Also i rented a sakura house apartment thanks for telling me about it!
    can i have your email so i can join you for izakaya some time
    Benn Rintala

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