Long time !

Been now a week since I last updated my blog ! Sorry about that ! but since my photoshop stopped working I can’t edit any of the thousands of photos I take in here sadly ! but I got a photoshop that works on my home pc so soon as I go back to Finland I will edit all if I can’t get this photoshop to work !

a lot of has happened since I last wrote here so a quick recap !

I found myself a beautiful Japanese girlfriend ! well I have known her since last summer but we been just friends until now, We went to Japanese Ryokan (quest house) that had an onsen as well last weekend.

also been in Izakayas of course 😀 one of my many nick names here is I-boy ( izakaya-boy)

yesterday I paid my last rent and gave in my last month notice  😦 but no need to be sad since I know I will be coming back here very soon !

I love Japan and people who had read my blog know that too well !

Today I’m going to Intercultural institute of Japan for a free Japanese language class ! Let’s hope it goes well !

I wonder what else I have done this last week , since it been so rainy I haven’t done much mmm.

aaah I went to the Edo-Tokyo museum ! which was amazing ! I totally loved it !! this month will be my museum month ! I will visit all of them !

I will upload soon photos of my apartment now to somewhere for everyone to see how it is now 🙂 since those photos I don’t need to edit heh 🙂

but since the last time I posted photos I have taken many many thousands of photos ! just saying .. !!!

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