Food in Japan

To start with, I love japanese food.Before I went to Japan I did not know much of Japanese food culture other then Sushi and Ramen ( which is actually chinese but still).

So when I went to the first izakaya and I ate that very delicious izakaya food, it opened my eyes to a whole new tastes.

Tokyo/Japan by iPhone4

My normal tradition is when I go to izakaya, is that when I sit down I put my Marlboro pack and lighter to the table and order too Pints of beer (preferably Asahi super dry). In the first months when I got to Japan I used to go to Izakaya with my girlfriend (who wasn’t my girlfriend at that time) every weekend, it got so normal that we had been all day together so what should we do now, of course izakaya.

That pizza looking dish is actually Korean pizza and it was deeelicious !


I sure love those salads in Izakayas !

In this photo you can see that the night was at a good stage, we had eaten and now table is full of drinks and beer!

Lovely dinner at izakaya !

But that is enough of Izakayas for a while ! I promise next time I’m in Japan I will take much more interesting photos of food and izakaya nights!

Udon ! it’s so delicious that it makes my mouth water !

Udon 高尾山 Takao-san. Tokyo Japan. 東京,日本

I also ate burgers in Hard rock cafe Tokyo and Hooters tokyo they were deeeeelicious ! to think that I come from a country that doesn’t have any big food chain then McDonalds.

Hard rock cafe.
Tokyo/Japan by iPhone4

and Hooters Tokyo ( which is great place to visit ! )

フーターズ Hooters, 東京 日本 Tokyo Japan

Also these little festival foods are very good !

the definition of Delicious! 東京 日本。Tokyo Japan

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