First time in Tokyo part 1

Hello Everyone !

東京,日本 Tokyo, Japan

I’ll show you some of my favorite shots I took in Japan last spring in this post. I was in Japan last spring for 3 months, it was the best time in my life. I already have flights back to Japan for the Autumn of 2011, which is in about 6 weeks and then you can read more about my life in Japan and see much much more photos ! but I’ll tell you more about my plans for that trip later 🙂 let’s now enjoy these photos!

Mori Tower View, 東京 日本

Roppongi Hills, Mori tower is such an amazing place ! in there I got a feeling of joy and happiness that now, I’m truly finally in Japan.

ねこさん。はずかしい。 東京 日本、Tokyo Japan

People who read my blog surely remember this cute cat ! found her guarding a temple near ikebukuro.

one of the best! Tokyo, Japan 東京 日本。

Everybody who been in Japan sure have their own favorite beer brand, mine is Asahi Super dry ! Missing the taste of it !

サクラ. Tokyo, Japan 東京 日本。

Begin of the Sakura (Cherry blossom) time in Tokyo, it was so magical to see those flowers everywhere, in my flickr site I have own folder for Sakura because I took so much photos of them. this was taken in Shinjuku park.

東京 日本。Tokyo Japan

This park is one of my favorites, it’s near Tsukiji but can’t remember the name right now , but it sure is a site to see ! I came here often just to relax and listen music.

東京 日本。Tokyo Japan

The famous Rainbow bridge ! It Brings back many great memories, two specially. The first time I met a girl who is now my girlfriend, we walk together from Tokyo tower to Odaiba and we walked through that bridge, it was an amazing feeling 😀 . Other good memory is when I went there to take photos but it felt like the strong wind would have blown me away to the water !

The Giant Panda Ueno Zoo 恩賜上野動物園, Tokyo Japan 東京 日本

He surely loves that bambu! That morning I was in my home at Monzen-Nakacho watching the morning TV when I noticed that today was the day they reopened the Ueno Zoo. I quickly packed my camera and went to the park and then I saw a crazy long line of people. I walked around Ueno park a little see if the queue would get smaller but it just grew longer and longer, then I started to circle the zoo to see if there is another entrance and yes there were ! I got in right away ,no waiting at all ! but when I wanted to see this cute Panda I had to wait in a queue about 50 minutes give or take 😀 but it was worth it and right after I saw them I went back to the queue to see them again fast!.

サクラ。Sakura, Ueno park. Tokyo Japan

After that visit to the Zoo I saw these beautiful sakura trees that of course I had to see!

ヒミコ Tokyo Japan. 東京 日本。

I went on a little cruise on this very “anime” style ship that I loved ! Himiko is it’s name !I went from Odaiba harbor to Asakusa, was great little trip !! I recommend highly !

Tokyo Japan. 東京 日本。

This is a normal view in Asakusa that probably all tourist have taken a photo of !

Tokyo Japan. 東京 日本。

Then in the evening I went to relax in Ikebukuro Sunshine 60 tower ! great view! second best in Tokyo if you ask me !

サクラ Sakura 東京。日本. Tokyo Japan

Japanese people and their phones ! Got a love it when the sakura time started and all the Japanese people took photos of the sakura with their phones, business men taking photos of sakura while they are walking to work.

Sakura house Hanami 東京 日本。Tokyo Japan Sakura

My first real Hanami ! Sakura house/sakura hostel organized this and it was great fun ! met many new friends who became good friends to this day. Sadly it started raining after 15minutes but after that we went to the Sakura hostel asakusa for drinks and after that to a Samurai bar!

高尾山 Takao-san. Tokyo Japan. 東京,日本

I was going to Takao mountain that is in Tokyo technically, a day trip that I recommend to everyone ! there is 3 ways to go up, this way I did or walking or railway. but have to say the way I did it was the most interesting 😀

高尾山 Takao-san. Tokyo Japan. 東京,日本

Had to eat one of these when I got up ! Odango very delicious !

Udon 高尾山 Takao-san. Tokyo Japan. 東京,日本

my very first Udon in Japan that I ate on top of a mountain with a view of Fuji mountain.

with Bob Sapp フーターズ Hooters, 東京 日本 Tokyo Japan

Went to Hooters in Tokyo with my friend Ko who I met in that Hanami I said earlier! ps. Hooters tokyo delicious food among other things !

東京, 日本。Tokyo Japan

Like everyday waiting for the train 😀

Shrine & Tokyo Tower 東京, 日本。Tokyo Japan

Beautiful temple near Tokyo tower as you can see, Zozo-ji temple ! a place you have to see in Tokyo!

Tokyo Japan, 東京 日本

Took this in Akihabara after a long shopping day ! that Crepe booth just opened and everyone is thinking what to get, I love them so much ! deliciouuusss !

東京 日本. Tokyo Japan

@ the Tokyo metropolitan building, Great view but not the best tho!

Two Tomoko Kamatas meet for the first time! 鎌田智子の会 Party @ Shinjuku

Always fun at the Izakaya! from left to right Mizuho, Ari(me) ,Yurika and Anthony

Two Tomoko Kamatas meet for the first time! 鎌田智子の会 Party @ Shinjuku

Sat (in the middle) with his Strange look 😀 that’s how Brits pose for the camera 😀 great dude !

Two Tomoko Kamatas meet for the first time! 鎌田智子の会 Party @ Shinjuku

This is how Americans pose ! (Anthony and I in the background)

ginza Apple store line , Tokyo, Japan

Waiting to get my iPad 2 at ginza, Took me couple of hours but got it 😀

Kawaiii 日本,横浜市. Yokohama, Japan

Sooo cute !! saw her in Yokohama!

サウザンドサニー号°! 東京ドーム ワンピース. Tokyo Dome One piece

One piece event in Tokyo dome ! was great !! yes I love Anime !

東京 日本, Tokyo Japan

Poor little cat 😀 everyone taking photos of her so of course I had to take too !

湯河原町, 日本. Yugiwara Japan

Odawara Castle , near Tokyo , if you go to Tokyo you have to see it ! it will blow you mind ! My girlfriend took me here and I was in shock of the beauty of it !

湯河原町, 日本. Yugiwara Japan

My girlfriend and I , with my Samura gang ! 😀

Monnaka to Shibuya

Best way to park cars 😀 Space saver!

Monnaka to Shibuya

Every morning I saw this view and it was amazing ! Monzen-Nakacho

I could continue this for a long time 😀 I got so much photos ! if you want to see more , visit my flickr page and facebook pages !

2 thoughts on “First time in Tokyo part 1

  1. very pretty pictures good quality. I would love to have a camera like that. Oh and I saw Murray.

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