First time in Tokyo part 2

Hey hey !

I’d like to continue from where I left off in my last post and show you some of my favorite photos I took in Japan and a little bit of the stories behind them 😉

東京 日本, Tokyo Japan

One of the last days in Japan last June I was walking in asakusa trying to find some temple but then I saw a “business” man leaving a can of cat food to the ground and I sat down to see if there would come someone to eat it and after couple of minutes she came 😀 She did not like I was spying her like this tho!

東京 日本, Tokyo Japan

Amazing view in Monzen-Nakacho , I love so much Monnaka (Monzen-Nakacho) that I do trully wish that someday I could live there forever.

東京 日本, Tokyo Japan

I’m sure all you know Ginza line! one of three of the lines I used the most with Tozai and Oedo line 😀

東京 日本, Tokyo Japan
東京 日本, Tokyo Japan

These flowers are so beautiful, even tho I was leaving Japan that week, those flowers cheered me up a little !

湯河原町, 日本. Yugiwara Japan

High tech samurai… even tho I gave him my DSLR and he had no idea how to use it 😀

湯河原町, 日本. Yugiwara Japan

Oh my god ! the Deathgods are going to kill us with their pose !  cosplay from the anime Bleach.

"I will reach it"  靖国神社.Yasukuni Shrine .東京 日本 Tokyo Japan

Full blown Hanami time in Tokyo, I like this photo a lot !

花見 上野公園. Hanami, Ueno park. Tokyo Japan 東京 日本

Ueno Park is absolute mad house when Hanami is going on but I loved it , I feel like home in Japan so I feel comfortable in this kind of events too 😀

花見 上野公園. Hanami, Ueno park. Tokyo Japan 東京 日本

I’m happy there wasn’t much people in the Hanami at Ueno 😀

Well to be honest that was my Trip in Japan at very short version , you can read more about my life in Japan by reading my old blog posts or watching my flickr photos from Japan, or my videos in You tube , but only 5 weeks left and I’ll be back and I promise you’ll be getting weekly updates and daily photos from there, and by following my facebook “fan page you can get more updates of my life there, don’t worry I don’t spam 😀


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