Instagram in Japan part 1

I was digging around in my computer folders and found some very interesting shots I took with my iPhone 4 instagram app. I thought to share some with you so I uploaded couple to my flickr site ! I hope you like them and please comment.

Instagram, Tokyo Japan

In front of Harajuku station.

Instagram, Tokyo Japan

Nippon Banzai !!!

Instagram, Tokyo Japan

My fridge in Japan at it’s normal state, full of Asahi super dry ,casis and healthy food in general.

Instagram, Tokyo Japan
Instagram, Tokyo Japan

Couple of normal metro photos, I so love being in the underground in Tokyo , rush hour or not I love it 😀

Instagram, Tokyo Japan

These lines make the metro more interesting for me for some reason 😀

Instagram, Tokyo Japan

From one of my favorite bars in the World.. at Monzen-Nakacho, it’s name is Zero but since there is a bicycle on the window I always called it “jitensha” as in bicycle in Japanese. Very nice small place with a great staff and good drinks! I once tried to talk to them when I was drunk, since they didn’t speak English , I spoke in the little Japanese I knew and learned few new things.
Instagram, Tokyo Japan

Waiting for my girlfriend to get off work and playing with my new ipad 2 , I think I bought that only few days ago before I took this photo.

I do hope that all of you like my weird little blog here. soon as I get back to Japan I will start making more “travel tips” for everyone , of places to visit and why and of course with photos.

Visit my flickr site to see more photos

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