Finnish firework champpionship 2011

Yesterday I went to Helsinki to see the annual Finnish firework championships the weather was not that amazing as last year tho but it did not matter. It ended about 22.15 (10.15pm) and my train back to Lahti was at 22.41 and with all the people and cars there I could not run as fast as I could so of course I missed that.I thought that there was another train at 23.19 but nah. I made my way to the buss station and I got lucky that there was a buss leaving back to Lahti at 23.30 so I took it. Sadly it went via the airport so made me a bit sad while watching people going to the airplanes and coming from the trips. Soon my time comes and I can get going as well luckily !! few more weeks !

I took a lot of photos that I will start editing soon as well, but also I took this video with my small sony camera that I hope you will enjoy !

sadly my batter ended in the middle of second video ! and I packed my nikon already.


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