31 days left ! 753 hours !

Only a little bit more time left until my trip back “home” to Japan ! I can’t even describe how excited I am ! Time to start counting down the seconds !

I have slowly gotten ready for the trip by changing some yen and getting Christmas presents for my girlfriend (got now about 24 separate presents now, 3 big bags full.) , some may think that I’m going overboard but Hey I’m Finnish! Country where Santa Claus is from ! Planing to give her a present everyday until 24th of December and the evening of 24 I’ll give her the biggest and best presents. Trying to give her a very nice Finnish Christmas.

My moms went to see a psychic or something like that she tolled my mom that “your son has lived in Japan in his past life as a person who was very respected”   if you believe in such stuff, I don’t so much but nice to hear anyway.

Tokyo Japan, 東京 日本

Cheer for Ari ! he is coming back ! 😀 heheh ok ok I’m a bit looney at the moment.

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