My trip to Japan

I’m too excited about my journey back home to Japan so I have already started thinking about my trip there and it will be something like this. I’ll put this on automatic publish so this will come up in that morning I’m flying.

  1. Leave from my house at 3.20am at 13th of October to Lahti buss Station.
  2. Go to the airport buss at 3.50am and arrive to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and arrive to the airport at 5.05am.
  3. My plane to Paris leaves at 7.30am and I arrive there 9.40am
  4. and then starts running from terminal 2D to 2E I only got 1 hour and 20 minutes change time so I’ll be in a super hurry! of course there is no way that my luggage can change airplane so they will stay in Paris.
  5. 11am leaves my flight to Paris and I will be arriving to Tokyo at 6am next morning ! 😀

If everything went by right plans I be in Tokyo haneda with my girlfriend tomorrow morning and being happy as ever !

Ryōgoku 両国, 東京 日本

Soon I’ll be sitting there again !

See you all in Tokyo !!!!!!!

ps. I’ll be taking photos on every second of this trip from Finland to Japan so you’ll see a nice way my trip without the stress 😀

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