Helsinki,Finland to Tokyo,Japan

Good Morning to you all from the Land of the rising sun !
Helsinki to Japan via Paris
I made it here after a loong flight! Let’s start the story on 13th of October, I did not sleep the past night since I had to go to the airport buss at 3am, I was very tired already at this point of my journey and it hasn’t even fully started yet.

About 4.25 am I arrived to Helsinki-Vantaa terminal 2 and went to check-in, this time I had no problem with my luggages, they did weigh somewhat  a lot 1st bag was 19kilos and the second one was 17,5kg plus my backpack which was about 14kg. Carrying them was  really not that difficult since I been going to the gym a lot and after I got to Japan and to the house my shoulders were killing me but we are not there yet.
Helsinki to Japan via ParisHelsinki to Japan via ParisHelsinki to Japan via Paris

— Yes I am !!! 😀
In the check-in they gave me only 1 ticket and that was of course from Helsinki to Paris and she tolled me that I have to get the other ticket in Paris, which of course was a bit difficult since I only had 1 hour 20minutes transfer time so she tolled me to go straight to the gate of my flight and go in with my passport and not get the boarding pass since there was no time.
Helsinki to Japan via Paris

—Was watching all the anime I was saving for months for this day
Helsinki to Japan via Paris
—Broken ipad2 at the airport 😦
Helsinki to Japan via Paris
—Finally the time of my flight came and the journey got started !

My flight from Helsinki to Paris went well, first thing the captain said was ” I’m sorry to inform you that we have to wait about 20minutes before we fly but seems like we have good wind today so we will be in time” of course I was more worried. Got a good seat almost in front of the airplane well right next to business class so I could get off the airplane fast.  I had couple of annoying Finnish models sitting next to me who were going to a fashion show in Paris, was very nice to listen them giggling and talking loud for over 2 hours… and my headache started.

When I was arriving to Paris I got ready to run off the airplane to catch my next flight, I met two other Finnish people who were going to the same terminal as I was and they were in a hurry too to catch their flight to Miami so we all ran together. We got to the terminal in good time and I even had time to go to JAL (Japan Airlines) desk to get my boarding pass, soon as I got it I ran through Terminal 2E to the security check and of course there was a long line! At this point I had about 40 mins left until my flight was leaving. I had some problems in the security check so I had to remove my shoes and put my bag through the scanner couple of times and remove my iPad ,iPod and iPhone, I must have looked like crazy apple supporter since I had my macbook pro there as well.

Finally I got through the checks and I noticed that I don’t have to take that train like last time so I still had some time to spare so I walked around a bit after I found my gate and took some photos. At this point of my journey I was so TIRED!!! I haven’t slept at all.
Helsinki to Japan via Paris
— Next to my gate
Helsinki to Japan via Paris
—Was in such a hurry in this point 😀
Helsinki to Japan via Paris
— Now all was okay and I made it!
Helsinki to Japan via ParisHelsinki to Japan via Paris
— Walking to the airplane.

In JAL airplane the safety videos are so cute !!
Helsinki to Japan via ParisHelsinki to Japan via ParisHelsinki to Japan via Paris

The food in the flight was so delicious !! To be honest the best food compared to all the other airlines I have flown !Helsinki to Japan via Paris
Flight from Paris to Tokyo went great ! I have to give a big hand for JAL and their catering, their food was actually very tasty and of course I was eating with chopsticks and ordering everything in Japanese. I met some nice people at the airplane as well, BUT I did not get more then maybe 2 hours of sleep total in this long 12 hour flight so you can imagine how tired I was.

After arriving to Haneda airport in Tokyo I was very relieved that all went well, now the only worry I had was for my luggage that did they make it or not to Japan since the short change time in Paris and also that if my camera lenses were okay. After the visa/passport check in Haneda I got my luggage and of course my luck they had a special drug search going on so I had to open my bags but since I am not carrying 50 kilos of cocaine on me I was okay.
Helsinki to Japan via Paris
I was walking out from the arrivals hall to the doors of Haneda and there was my girlfriend waiting for me, it had been long 4 months so was great to see her !

My neck was hurting, I had a headache, I was Super tired, I was very excited to be back home in Japan.

after we got to the house I took my medicine and we went to eat in a Family restaurant called Gasto and after I got full I was much better !

Let My life in Tokyo begin again !! ( I promise to blog a lot and take photos much more !! )

I was awake about 62 hours if my counting is right WOW no wonder I was a bit sick yesterday.

But now we are going to Ikea to get me some pillows and then to akihabara, and Izakaya ! today I’ll get drunk !!

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