Story of the forth day in tokyoOOOOOOOooOOOO!

Good evening again from Tokyooo !

Yesterday we weren’t sure if my girls new work would start or not so we stayed at home all morning but after we knew it wasn’t going to start that day we left to Harajuku to do little window shopping and to eat somewhere!

When we got there we visited the Harajuku store and after that we got hungry since it was already like 1pm and we haven’t eaten anything yet, so we went to this one very delicious restaurant. It’s right on the entrance of Harajuku “main street” when you come from Harajuku station takeshita street exit I think. 😀
Forth day in tokyoOOOO !

I had Grilled BBQ chicken burger with french fries
Forth day in tokyoOOOO !

And my girl had Loco Moco

Forth day in tokyoOOOO !
Forth day in tokyoOOOO !
Forth day in tokyoOOOO !Forth day in tokyoOOOO !
After we were done with our lunch we went to Meiji jingu shrine at harajuku and there was a beautiful wedding going on, I could not resist taking a photo or two but I’m sure I did not disturb the wedding since I were in the side, some Chinese did kinda badly and posed infront of them and took photos.. kinda disrespecting the wedding party.
Forth day in tokyoOOOO !
We walked to Omotesando hills to do some window shopping more and from there we walked to Shibuya to buy my girl some things she needed at her new work place ( shoes, bento box and so on). Since we walked a lot, we got tired and went to “main” starbucks in Shibuya but at that time of the evening it was of course full so we went outside and drank our drinks ! not a bad end for the day !
Forth day in tokyoOOOO !

in the morning I made a tower of Marlboro !!! / iPhone 4s is racist ! it doesn’t understand Japanese’english my girlfriend tried it and never worked but it did understand me pretty well tho.
Forth day in tokyoOOOO !Forth day in tokyoOOOO !

3 thoughts on “Story of the forth day in tokyoOOOOOOOooOOOO!

  1. it’s super delicious !! actually Tokyo is a cheap place to eat out , if you know where you go , I go to the place where normal Japanese go, which are great , absolutely delicious food and great atmosphere.
    that burger I had was abour 1400 yen, but you won’t have to eat anything all day after it and that Loco moco was about 1200 yen , and that was a set like everything in Japan are that my hamburger+ drink+ that dessert 1600 yen or under if I remember right 🙂
    thank you for reading my blog!

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