Haunted building near I live !

This building is absolutely haunted ! Few days ago I was coming back from the city and it was about 5pm so a bit dark and as you see in the photos that this building is totally locked airtight that you can’t get in, I’m sure I saw someone walking with a old lamp in his/hers hand. I wish I had my camera with me so I could prove it ( well if you can capture paranormal with a camera!) I don’t believe much in such but I am pretty sure I saw something !

Kinda scary but not that much ( since I am not inside of it ). You could not get me inside that thing even if you paid me ! looks a bit scary outside and just thinking what it would be like walking there with a flashlight at middle of the night … AAAA no F-ing way !

Many Japanese do believe in spirits (reikon) and ghosts also (yurei) so I guess for them it could be possible, I don’t even wanna mention this to my girl since she would jump through the sealing since she is scared of ghosts a lot! (Hope she doesn’t read this post hah)

but Here it is!
Haunted building,幽霊マンション
Haunted building,幽霊マンションHaunted building,幽霊マンション

On a brighter note, I am now uploading great photos from yesterday to my flickr and writing the blog post of it today or tomorrow and also today I went to Yokohama and got such good photos that will make your jaw drop !

Thank you for visiting my blog !

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