Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜


Sorry for not updating for a while . I was in Nikko all weekend and kinda busy, today catching up !

My girlfriend and I decided to go to Yokohama on last Wednesday since she had her day off. Yokohama is a nice place to go if you want to go away from the madness that is Tokyo to a “little” bit smaller venue, Yokohama is not small tho.
We had breakfast at mcdonnalds and from there started our trip.
Windy day at Yokohama
From Shibuya station you can take a JR train that is quite fast (about 30mins) or you can take the cheaper and slower train which name I can’t remember that takes about 40-60mins.
We took the slower one but since we were not in a hurry it did not bother us. First off we stopped by at Yokohama China town to see if there would have been anything nice and my girl also wanted to taste these things.
Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜
They were actually delicious but kinda weird looking and since I was still kinda full from the breakfast we only had 4.
After China town we went to have a delicious and well needed stop at starbucks
Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜
We got rested and continued to the harbor of Yokohama, beautiful view but a bit cold since there was a crazy wind. We walked at the harbor until we came across this way too big beer bottle that shocked us for a minute and we thought how long would it take us to drink it hehehe (joking) 😀
Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜
I wanted to go on the observation view of the international terminal that is at the harbor, from there you can board on different cruises not sure which parts of the world tho. While we were walking there I noticed a fleet of helicopters on the sky and I quickly changed my camera lens and took few shots of them with the 120-400mm and that what the eye could not see and the lens could was that they were Apache attack helicopters not sure if they were Japanese or from the States ( I got a feeling that they are US airforce copters from the nearest base)
Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜
Since I had my newish lens with me I wanted to try it out and my girlfriend decided to take some posing photos of me while I was testing my lens.
Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜

We had to go to somewhere warm since the wind was making us cold so we decided to go to World routers, a big mall at the harbor. There we went to a game hall to play many different games( my girlfriend beat me in every game) those places eat 100 yen coins like  there is no tomorrow , your wallet will feel lighter after 30mins ! Also we ate delicious food again !
Windy day at Yokohama nachosWindy day at Yokohama
Windy day at YokohamaWindy day at Yokohama

This is the view we were watching while eating those delicious plates.
Windy day at Yokohama
Got some beautiful night photos as well
Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜Windy day Yokohama, 強風の横浜

Like I tolled you in the begin that I was in nikko this weekend, I had amazing time and I took A LOT of photos that you will see very soon “maybe” today if I am fast enough

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