The Long walk

At the morning I was in a walking mood so I took all my camera gear and jumped to train to Monzen-Nakacho and from there I walked to Tsukiji fish market which takes about 1 hour and half. Took some beautiful photos on the way as you can see in my flickr.

From Tsukiji Fish Market I continued my walk to Hamarikyu garden, which is my favorite garden/park in Tokyo. Very beautiful place with lots of seats to relax with a nice view.

While I was walking I saw this old man fishing and looked like he was catching something big so decided to whip out my big lens and start taking few shots.

After he got it , he let it go and continued!

At the park I got beautiful photos of these flowers , they are now all over Tokyo.
Hamarikyu GardenHamarikyu GardenHamarikyu GardenHamarikyu GardenHamarikyu Garden

After I had my breakfast at the park I left to Ginza (walking of course) and from there back home to clean and wash my clothes.

Here are couple more photos for y’all from this day!
Monzen-NakachoTsukiji Fish marketTsukiji Fish marketTsukiji Fish marketMonzen-NakachoHamarikyu GardenHamarikyu GardenMonzen-NakachoTsukiji Fish market

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