Love hotels ラブホ

Evening at Kabukicho, 蕪木著

As many of you have probably read from travel books or seen in TV. Japan has a lot of Love Hotels, many different genres and styles of rooms from Hello kitty decoration to boxing rings, of course there are normal rooms a lot as well those with special decorations is extra cash.

Love hotel in Japan is a great place to go if you feel like sex in a park or street corner is too much for you, I like them a lot since they are so clean and most are very beautiful outside (depends on neighborhood) .
Evening at Kabukicho, 蕪木著

Normal price for “rest” is from 2900yen to 8000yen, not too expensive as you can see. Also using it as a normal Hotel (just for sleeping) is not that expensive in some cases more cheaper then normal hotel. Prices do change with workdays and weekend and wtih morning and evening.

Love hotels are very beautiful at evening and night when they light up. I do recomend walking in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho in the evening when they all are bright and pretty ! Also many love Hotels (not saying all but pretty much all) have condom vending machines as well so no need to worry about that.

Rest = 30mins -2hours

Stay= evening to morning
Evening at Kabukicho, 蕪木著Evening at Kabukicho, 蕪木著
I will make a more bigger post with more photos later after I get myself to a good love hotel area.

2 thoughts on “Love hotels ラブホ

  1. You should have tried in Japanese hehe. also there are love hotels that don’t have “people ” working there it’s just a vending machine that has photos of rooms and you click the room and put the money in and key comes out 😀

  2. I tried to get into one of these with me wife. The lady looked at me and my wife and grunted ‘No English’. It’s a shame because they look so fun.

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