Saturday Akiba madness

Saturday went very fast, we woke up very late and my girl made us a very delicious breakfast! Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, and waffles with maple syrup !

This was a big day for my girlfriend since we got her something special, her first apple product! White 32gb iPod touch! I myself have the older version black and it has that “old” feeling compared to the new one. My girl can’t stop playing with it after I gave her a couple of hour lesson how to use it and updated it and everything.

it looks so cute next to my apple gang !

Before we went to Akiba we stopped at the nearest convinience store Sunkus to get me some delicious Macha (green tea).Which one would you choose if you had to choose one from the photo??
Starbucks at Sunkus!

At Akihabara we saw something wicked !! A real R2D2 and Darth Vader made from Legos next to Yodobashi akiba !
Lego R2D2 at AkihabaraLego Darth vader at Akihabara
Also had a nice late lunch at MOS Burger ! sucks that they took away BLT Burger which I liked so much but well anyway MOS is still the best !
M.O.S BurgerM.O.S Burger

today I will try to get myself to go Roppongi Hills to take photos of the beautiful Christmas lights !

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