Ari Helminen 漫画オタク

Ari Helminen (me) with his new manga!

Found this great new place to buy Manga , 25yen to 360 yen a book ! Cheap as hell !!

Been buying like crazy and much more in the next few months ! gonna empty that place!

(I know I look kinda freaky in that photo but come on 😀 good to be happy)

that Store you can find in Gyotoku station. it also has games for psp and such very cheap.


8 thoughts on “Ari Helminen 漫画オタク

  1. There too 😀
    also if you go down a bit at the right side you should see this text
    “Click to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.” and click follow 😀
    in that facebook place also I do post about my blog and photography but not as often as that other one 😀

  2. Don’t mention it ! I’m happy that people ask questions. To find English manga in Tokyo is quite of a challenge but than again I never tried.
    I hope you are enjoying your time in Japan ! I’m glad to hear that you like my small page here ! I do try to post more often ! at least 1 a day I keep trying ! unless nothing interesting happened then there is nothing to blog about 😀
    if you haven’t yet , you should subscribe to my website so you get an email always when I post. you can see the thing to do it on the sidebar 🙂

  3. cool,anyway thx ari for answer my tyas from indonesia,came to japan 4 months ago,nice to meet u and always waiting for ur new post!!!

  4. Of course not 🙂 most are new and some are used, I can read Japanese pretty well so I prefer read the manga in Japanese than English. Original language and all you know 😀
    but if you imagine the price some are 25 yen which is what 20 cents in euro and in dollar I would say nothing 😀

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