Akihabara Shopping day!

With my girl this morning we went to ginza so I could quickly visit Citybank to get some cash ( since life doesn’t go on in Japan just with Visa) . From there we jumped to the Hibiya line to Akihabara and started shopping at Yodobashi akiba, my girl got a cute cover for her new iPod touch and I got a new proper bag for my lens.

We also ate at the upstairs of Yodobashi. I recommend it at lunch time since most of the restaurants there have that lunch menu so pretty cheap ! I Took photos of the food and everything as always that I will add in the next few hours.

After we were done with Akihabara we left to Gyotoku ( which is pretty much my home station) and there of course to my manga shop to get some great and cheap manga ! as in the photo you see I did get some nice ones today as well !

I’ll soon check the rest of the photos that I have in my sony and then I will upload them to my flickr while my girl is cooking Japanese curry for dinner.
Ari Helminen (me) Shopping dayAri Helminen (me) Shopping dayAri Helminen (me) Shopping day

That lowerpro is a great brand for camera bags! I like it a lot, I have now erm 4 bags from them (2 shoulder bags, small and a big one . a bag for my pocket camera and also now that new lens bag) . I should get a good big back bag that fits all my lenses but not in a hurry yet 😀

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