First Manga update!

マンガ Manga madness 
Here is all the manga I have collected in Japan so far. (of course I have more in Finland).
マンガ Manga madness 
I will get much much more before my time here is finished tho. I did not like manga before I came to Japan, I was all about anime at that point but after I started reading them here I really got in to them.
マンガ Manga madness 
Manga is very easy to buy in Japan, there are a lot of cheap places to get used manga and also cheap places to get new manga. Enterking and mandarake are two that I use a lot ! 25-300 yen manga I love it !
マンガ Manga madness マンガ Manga madness 
To think that a normal price for manga here is about 495yen to 1500yen!
マンガ Manga madness 
Will be interesting to see at the airport again my luggage weight. I bet it will be over the limit again! It always is with me… 😀
マンガ Manga madness マンガ Manga madness 
I will start editing photos from the park yesterday soon but can’t promise when they will be up since the internet I am using here at Chiba is not the fastest. Could be today or tomorrow or sadly even Sunday. I’ll leave my computer uploading until they are up !

Rainy day today so I’m probably staying in 🙂

2 thoughts on “First Manga update!

  1. I buy every day at least one more 😀 I’m going to Kyoto at the end of this month ! And then you will see a lot of photos from there and when I say a lot I mean easily over 500 that I will upload ! Probably. Will take over 4000 photos 😀 we will see !

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