best morning ever… NOT

So today I woke up happily next to my girl and wanted to check my email through my ipad, “incorrect password” “sign in again” I was like OH NO quickly checked my phone and same thing.

I fast ran downstairs and opened my computer and noticed that I could not access anywhere. Not flickr ,facebook, you tube and other sites, also all my main emails like gmail yahoo and me were hacked. All passwords changed and security questions as well I did not know what to do.

Quicly I tried to get my yahoo back which is my main email for work and everything. luckily it was still using my older email as a backup so I got the new password through that and then I got most of my main sites back up including paypal and flickr and this website. I did lose my gmail tho, I have no idea how to get it back.

Then I closed my computer and took a shower and guess what he hacked my yahoo again and changed the password. now I changed it again and I hope he doesn’t do it again.

Mr. hacker if you are reading this . please please please stop ! I want to enjoy my Saturday without you f-ing up my day!

on a another note . I hope all of you enjoyed the autumn photos I posted yesterday !

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