Morning at Ueno

Spent my morning at the famous ueno park. I went there to get some photos taken but sadly I did not get any good photos taken. I’m now trying my best to take some photos since the begin of next week I will be in kyoto and can’t update any photos, well I got my ipad with me and that portable wifi so I guess I could make couple of small updates. best way to follow my trip there is to follow my facebook page where I will be writing some stages of our trip !

Soon I will go to get my girlfriend from the station and some food shopping! I’ll be making some delicious Tacos! Since I lived in Spain for a while and because my ex was Mexican I can do pretty good Guacamole ! I never tried that ready made guacamole from a can but I’m pretty sure that my own guacamole is much much better !  From Costco we bought some real Mexican Tortillas as well, packed in Mexico ! how I know that they are really Mexican you ask ? well the smell and taste of course ! baaahh 😀

I’m now waiting that the 20 photos I got today would be uploaded to my flickr.. I took about 100 or so photos today but to be honest all were bad but decided to put some for you anyway !

Today I have tried to find ways to advertise my blog a bit more since to be honest there is not much people who actually read this but I am happy even if one did !

A day at Ueno park
A day at Ueno park
Evil Gang of Cats ! The looked bad ass !
A day at Ueno park
You see ! almost fighting !
A day at Ueno park
Scratching !
A day at Ueno park
Yep Ueno’s Shrine undergoing some fixing..
A day at Ueno park

6 thoughts on “Morning at Ueno

  1. thank you ! you see those gangs here from time to time ! 😀 aye the most important is that you feel good about writing it and maybe in time more people will start reading and liking it as well!

  2. love the gang of cats, haha and I feel the same way about my blog, as long as one person reads it I feel better lol

  3. We are planning to go to a Cat cafe again next week so I will bring my big camera with me and take some cute photos of the cats there !!
    there are more cat photos from today at my flickr if you wanna see 😀

  4. since im a huge fans of… i really love ur photos!! hahah ,especially “scratching”,so cuuutteeeee

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