Got some new manga .. again

I’m badly addicted on getting manga. Since it is so cheap I can’t stop buying it and for some reason I feel happy after I buy it, am I a weird person or what ?

but anyway, I’m trying to collect couple of full manga seasons but it seems to be a bit more difficult than I thought, one day I should just go in with a wallet full of cash and buy all at the same time!

Seriously if you like Manga or games and you are poor like I am, go to that Enterking store ! (I can give you directions on the ones I go to) and start shopping !

Happy with some new manga

Today will be a shopping day, a bit in akihabara and then to buy new shoes ! I’ll post some photos of my current shoes and you see why I want new ones !

uhm it’s only 7.48am I think I should go to bed at least for couple of minutes

2 thoughts on “Got some new manga .. again

  1. haha We can only hope ! but most likely I will have at least 15 kilos of manga with me when I get back. by the way.
    I like your blog a lot , are those photos of the Japanese garden taken in the states ?

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