Hellooo ! Shopping day at Akihabara and Myoden !

This morning we went to Akihabara to get me my photography gloves since the weather has become quite cold and that I have always wanted them !
Testing the new photography glovesToday's Catch ! Shopping day!Testing the new photography glovesToday's Catch ! Shopping day!Testing the new photography gloves
At Akihabara there was a flea market of figures and everything anime related !! was amazing ! cheap figures everywhere ! I wish I could have bought all of them but since I’m going to Kyoto this weekend I had to save some money. When I came here from Finland I promised myself to find one figure that I have wanted a long time and at that flea market I found her cheap and got her finally ! It’s not exactly the figure I wanted but close !
Today's Catch ! Shopping day!Today's Catch ! Shopping day!
Also in akihabara they were giving free Map/calendar of 2012 which of course I had to take ! I had a similar one at Finland but 2005 version.
Today's Catch ! Shopping day!

At Akihabara we also ate at MOS burger quickly since we were a bit hungry ! After Akihabara we went to myoden to do some shoe shopping ! I found great shoes for myself and so did my girlfriend !

Here are my old shoes that I have been using ! tell me what you think ? was it time for me to change ?

Old broken shoesOld broken shoesOld broken shoes

Here are my new shoes ! water proof this time ! yattaa 😀 cheap as well !
New water proof shoes !New water proof shoes !
After we were done with shoe shopping we had a delicious icecream break!
Delicious icecream at MyodenDelicious icecream at Myoden

At home today I “tried” to cook meatballs and potatoes but did couple of mistakes and totally ruined the dinner or that what I thought, it was actually eatable !

Sorry that todays post is a bit smal. I’m pretty sleepy (my eyes are closing while I am doing this !)

6 thoughts on “Hellooo ! Shopping day at Akihabara and Myoden !

  1. Yea those gloves are great , can’t wait to try them in action. I recommend them ! also that lowerpro brand is awesome !
    I’m very glad to hear that you like my photos ! I’ll keep posting more and more !
    I like to hear positive comments 😀
    aa actually there are lots of good tripods in the market these days I recommend you to buy it in the UK tho since in Japan I have noticed that they are very over priced. I was going to buy one in here but a bit too expensive compared to the ones I could get in Finland ( I should have brought my own tripod to be honest)

    Depends on your camera and lens sizes but I prefer to use the ones from manfrotto and of course Slik as well , can’t remember what brand is one that I have in Finland but it is very good !

  2. Those gloves look great, just what I could have done with last night in my own town when I went out to capture the Christmas lights.

    I love your photos and enjoy seeing new ones as they are posted. I was wondering if you could recommend a lightweight tripod that condenses down to a small-ish size for travel. I am heading to Japan in April and the one I own is a little large for carrying around.

  3. The weather in Japan has become quite cold so it’s better to have good gloves so your hands don’t start shaking with the cold 🙂 and since those gloves are made for photographers you can have a good crab to the camera !

  4. actually i wonder whats the different taking pictures with gloves and not wear it??is the pictures will looks better???

  5. Time to change ! 😀 it horrible when it raining , the feeling you get when you are walking around with shoes that are all wet inside and out uuuhhh never again !!

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