Coca Cola in Japan

Did something that I have always wanted to do ! Made some Coca Cola art ! I hope you like it !

Coca-Cola Art / Family

Yes I do like coca cola way too much ! but anyway ! This is art ! 😀

Coca-Cola Art / Family
Okay so a bit info for y’all !
From left to right
1st. 2L bottle Price: 168yen Store: Donki hote
2nd. 1.5L bottle Price: 161yen Store: everywhere
3rd 500ML bottle Price: 95-200yen (normal price 150yen) Store: Everywhere
4th 300ML bottle price: 120yen store: Vending machines at metro stations
5th 350ML bottle Price: 120yen Store: Village vanguard
Coca-Cola Art / Family

In that photo you can see that the biggest bottle is the Father of the family and the second biggest the mother and the rest are children.

Coca-Cola Art / FamilyCoca-Cola Art / FamilyCoca-Cola Art / Family

Ps. The photos that I always post here are just the ones I feel like sharing at the site but in my flickr you can always see more photos. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Coca Cola in Japan

  1. 😀 aren’t they !!! the ball one ? no you can’t 😀 probably the only place you can buy it now is that shop I mentioned ! since it is a christmas edition, it might be soled in other stores as well in December

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