Christmas Chicken in Japan

Decided to make one more quick post before we go since my girlfriend is making up and deciding what to take 😀

So Christmas Chicken, one of the most normal things in Japanese Christmas table or as my girlfriend puts it “It is a have to” , We reserved our Chicken from KFC ( LOOOVE KFC!) probably we will have to wait in line for hour or two until we get it since 24th of December but doesn’t matter 😀

You can get Christmas chicken reserved from many places (mostly fast food) or just go in to a store to get it if there are any left (doubt it)
Kentucky chicken christmas set Japan
Now that we have our chicken worry done, the next worry is of course a normal Japanese tradition Christmas Cake! I will make a post about that later !

4 thoughts on “Christmas Chicken in Japan

  1. I’m just surprised that you can reserve chicken at KFC like that haha. I guess over here in the states its ham for Christmas butwe usully prep it.

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