Getting ready for Kyoto and Osaka

As the headline says ! Today is the day, in the evening today we will go to Kyoto in a night buss and at the morning tomorrow we will arrive there, quickly gonna throw our luggage at the ryokan and leave with my camera and lenses to explore the beautiful Kyoto !

I can promise you that if the weather is good I will take some breathtaking photos!

This morning we quickly went to Uniqlo to get some warm shirts for my girl since Kyoto is supposed to be cold (for Japanese not for Finnish). We had a breakfast in a nice small cafe at the same mall
Breakfast at a cafeBreakfast at a cafeBreakfast at a cafe

We also ate at Lotteria ( Japanese version of cheap hamburgers like mcdonnalds). Was surprisingly good considering the price and that last time I ate there I could not finish.
Lotteria TokyoLotteria TokyoLotteria Tokyo

Here are some extra photos for y’all that I took few days ago and kinda “forgot” to post. Having too much memory cards is sometimes a pain in the a##. 😀
small bike !in the train ! Tozai linein the train ! Tozai line

Do you think you could eat this alone ???
Delicious parfeDelicious parfeDelicious parfe

Since Himeji castle is now under construction I am not interested to go there and see a big box where the beautiful castle should be so we canceled our trip there and decided that the castle in Osaka would do for now. 2015 I will go to see himeji when the repair ends and the box comes off.

Also we will be visiting all the famous shrines and temples. I will do my best to capture the innocent beauty that Kyoto has to offer. (maybe some Geisha photos as well)

But until next week…

Everyone have a nice weekend, Don’t party too much !

ps I’ll maybe update my blog through my ipad while we are there !

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Kyoto and Osaka

  1. aahh Itabashi near Saitama right ? yea I doubt you could find that there. In all of Tokyo there are only 2 or 3 of them. Delicious place tho !
    hehe they are real if you buy them of course. sample food mmm might be a bit difficult but I am sure you can find some at asakusa 😀
    I’ll take couple of million photos at kyoto if the weather is good enough !

  2. i never find komedas cofee here in itabashi..wanna taste it sometimes..
    Those beautiful food are not real right??haha i wonder where can i buy sample food like that..they said in kappabashi shoping street,but i never go there..
    cant wait to see ur photos from Kyoto!!

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