First day in Kyoto !

I’m back ! (well few days ago)

I decided to make my Kyoto & Osaka trip blog posts in few different parts since I took #cough #cough 4000+ photos (went a bit over board there). I even had to buy 2 memory cards while there since I did not have my mac with me.

These photos I will show you are from the first day there, I got very good shots even tho the weather was not perfect (at least it was not raining). Earlier today I uploaded 283 photos to my flickr from the first day I truly hope you like them and please go and check them out ! The photos from the other days I will edit and re-check them by Monday and I will get them uploaded as well (350+ photos).

The first day we arrived to the Kyoto station at 5.30am with the night buss from Tokyo. It wasn’t too cold but I was happy I had my jacket and sweater on me. We went to our ryokan to drop off our luggage and we head off to the first temple.

Here are the temples, shrines and areas we visited the first day (in visiting order)

1st. Kiyomizudera Temple
2nd. Yasaka no tou Tower
3rd. Yasaka Shrine
4th. Gion (famous for geisha)
5th. Kennin-ji Temple
6th. Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Temple)
7th. Ryoan-ji (Famous for Stone garden)
8th. Ninna-ji Temple
9th. Gion (geisha hunting with my camera ready)
10th. Shinkyogoku Street

As you see we did visit quite a few, all of them were breathtakingly beautiful!

Let’s start with the first one! (Please remember that I only post a small portion of my photos here, the rest you can see by visiting my Flirck page 

kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺
As you can see it was pretty much the best time to visit with all the leafs red and yellow.
kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺
The main gate of the temple
kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺
Saw a wicked looking bird there as well !
kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺
This was a very interesting thing that is a normal in Japanese temples (wash your hands place).
kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺
My girl of course did it.
kiyomizudera-temple 清水寺

uhm.. Just realized that this post will have way too much photos… How should I do this mmm ok well let’s try putting all in one post.

Let’s move on to the second one, that tower also was very nice!
京都 Kyoto "Old Town"

We were on foot so we accidentally went through the Yasaka shrine, a recommended place to visit while in kyoto as well.
yasaka jinja-shrine 八坂神社yasaka jinja-shrine 八坂神社yasaka jinja-shrine 八坂神社yasaka jinja-shrine 八坂神社

I wanted to go through Gion since I hoped to catch the beauty of a Geisha with my camera but did not have such luck.
祇園 Gion"the geisha area"
But in Gion we found a temple that I was so taken in with called Kennin-ji. I love dragons (my birth year was the year of the dragon), this temple had the most beautiful dragon painting I ever seen and probably will see. One of my absolute favorite places in Japan.
Kenninji-temple 建仁寺
There was also many replicas of this famous painting.
Kenninji-temple 建仁寺
Also this great looking dragon! Then we put our slippers on and continued the main part.
Kenninji-temple 建仁寺
And we saw this ! I was in shock of the beauty of it !
Kenninji-temple 建仁寺 Twin dragonsKenninji-temple 建仁寺Kenninji-temple 建仁寺Kenninji-temple 建仁寺

This place also had a beautiful garden.
Kenninji-temple 建仁寺Kenninji-temple 建仁寺Kenninji-temple 建仁寺

Time for the world famous Golden temple (kinkaku.ji), I loved the colors there!
Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣
The main Temple.
Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣
Don’t you just love those Autumn colors in Japan !
Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣
Money money money !! I tried throwing money there but went absolutely to the wrong dirrection.
Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣

At the Kinkaku-ji they were having a event that happens couple of a month where people write down their hopes and prayers to a piece of wood and give it to the Yamabushi men who placed them to the fire.
Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣Kinkakuji-temple 鹿苑寺金閣

My girl wanted to visit the famous stone garden of Ryoan-ji temple. (Japanese people soo love those stone gardens !)
龍安寺 Ryoanji-temple龍安寺 Ryoanji-temple
There was a lake as well !
龍安寺 Ryoanji-temple龍安寺 Ryoanji-temple

There is a famous Temple with a walking distance from that place called Ninna-ji, so we decided to visit there as well.
Ninnaji-temple 仁和寺Ninnaji-temple 仁和寺Ninnaji-temple 仁和寺
This next picture will show you how heavy those autumn leafs really are, with my girlfriend trying to lift them up!
Ninnaji-temple 仁和寺
Salarymen from Tokyo walking at the temple site.
Ninnaji-temple 仁和寺
Main part of the temple
Ninnaji-temple 仁和寺Ninnaji-temple 仁和寺Ninnaji-temple 仁和寺Ninnaji-temple 仁和寺Ninnaji-temple 仁和寺

Our trip back to the “new” part of Kyoto started, took about 45 mins in a buss. Our ryokan was very close to the Kyoto station so it was easy to find. This Kyoto tower looks so small for us since we are from Tokyo with the Sky tree which is about 6 times bigger. Kyoto tower is about 131meters and Skytree about 663meter
After we got everything done with our Ryokan check-in and a bit time relaxing in our room, we left to Gion again to find my geisha but no such luck again. We did get lost tho and found a Finland bar !!
祇園 Gion"the geisha area"祇園 Gion"the geisha area"
Day ended nicely with a hot onsen in our ryokan and with couple of asahi beers while watching tv.
I will now start editing the second days photos ! Monday I will get them uploaded ( I hope since I’m going to the Tokyo motor show and I will end up taking way too much photos there I know).

How you do you know that Kyoto is more friendly with foreigners then Tokyo… well free wifi of course !
祇園 Gion"the geisha area"

I hope you all enjoyed these photos and please visit my flickr for more photos from this beautiful day at Kyoto !

4 thoughts on “First day in Kyoto !

  1. Hi !

    the easiest way to travel in Japan and well the cheapest is night busses !
    I went to kyoto and came back in a night buss and it was great! I highly recomend

  2. I actually have a question! I’m trying to figure out a cheap way to travel from Kyoto to Tokyo with minor luggage (like 1 bag) and was wondering what you took to get to and from Kyoto?

  3. I can promise that you will have a great trip when you visit them ! thank you for visiting my blog again ! and glad to hear you like the photos

  4. The golden Temple and other temples around it is what I plan on visiting on my first day in Japan! Love the photos!

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