M.O.S. Burger and Pizza-La

Sometimes when I have way too much photos to edit and upload I go somewhere that has much faster internet than my home here in Tokyo and in Tokyo there are only couple of good spots for free internet, one of them is the famous Sakura hostel asakusa ! Very fast free wifi and a great atmosphere with many vending machines and a smoking area near by.

Also if you ever looking for a place to stay while visiting Japan, was it for a week or for months just check out Sakura house and Sakura hostel asakusa and I am sure you will find a cheap place!
Morning at Asakusa sakura hostel
Sometimes when the editing takes way too long time I become super hungry and too bored for anything fancy, I just jump in to the nearest MOS burger for a quicky ! Best fast food in Japan says I !
MOS burger and Pizza-LaMOS burger and Pizza-LaMOS burger and Pizza-La

at that same evening we ordered some Pizza-la takeout to fill our stomachs ! Not expensive pizzas that are good size and deeeelicious ! Pizza-la is very easy to use even for foreigners !
MOS burger and Pizza-LaMOS burger and Pizza-La

I apologize for the many posts in a row, just wanting to clear up some old photos I wanted to upload  (mostly from last week and this week) , since tomorrow is the Tokyo motor show and I will be taking way too much photos there !

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