Ari and Eri in Kyoto/Osaka

Few photos of Kyoto again !

My girl likes to be my private paparazzi so she took a lot of photos of me when I was working.

Photographing in Kyoto
The photos that she took are actually very good 😀
Photographing in KyotoPhotographing in KyotoPhotographing in Kyoto
Of course in my flickr you can see the photos I was taking or you can check out my Kyoto posts in this website !

I always look awesome in my yukata before going to the onsen !
Together in Kyoto

Here are some photos we took together at Kyoto !
autumn leafs
Together in Kyoto
at Kiyomizudera
Together in Kyoto
at kinkakuji
Together in Kyoto
at ginkakuji
Together in Kyoto
in the buss
Together in Kyoto

But we are off to cat cafe and then to eat somewhere ! See y’all later !

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