Autumn trip to Mt.Takao

Last week we climbed Mt.takao, one of the best places to escape from the busy life in Tokyo. It doesn’t take a long time to go there and not that difficult at all.

I got some good photos taken in there but since the autumn leafs had already started to fall I could not get any good autumn photos there but since I got so many good ones in Kyoto I wasn’t disappointed.

These small statues are very interesting at one of the many temples at the mountain top.
Mount Takao!Mount Takao!Mount Takao!

This interesting looking cloud was on top of Mt. Fuji, that you can see on top of Mt.takao.
Mount Takao!

We at the closest Sunkus buying some snacks to take up with us.
Trip to Mt.Takao

Again we used the rope way to get up. (F-ing scared when you have the fear heights like I do)
Trip to Mt.Takao

Trains are always pretty empty when going to Mt.takao
Trip to Mt.Takao
Trip to Mt.Takao

No idea what flavor this ice cream actually was but it was deeeelicious!
Trip to Mt.Takao

I absolutely love mountain views !
Mount Takao!

Dango is very normal food at the mountain ! When you go there, you have to taste em. Of course you can buy ’em at Tokyo as well.
Mount Takao!

Doesn’t that cloud look interesting ?
Mount Takao!

And when we got down from the mountain I was like this cute doggy.. Tired and sleepy
Trip to Mt.Takao

2 thoughts on “Autumn trip to Mt.Takao

  1. very interesting place ! you can easily spent hours there without noticing. Actually there were a lot of coins on top of all the statues already but I change 100 yen coin to 1yen coins as well and put them on top of their heads as well 🙂

  2. Mt Takao you say? Looks like a great place to kill a day. Did you offer anything to those little statues because from the picture it looks like there’s coins in front of them so I assume they were offerings of some sort.

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