Ikea and Lalaport

Few days ago had a nice shopping day at Ikea and the famous mall called Lalaport.At Ikea had to buy some batteries to my mouse and tv remote and some other christmas things and plates.

Saw this great band live at lalaport! they are old robots that were modified to play instruments as a band. You can see a video of them in my you tube channel

LALAport Tokyo bay
LALAport Tokyo bay
Of course in Ikea we had to eat the meatballs and when we were done shopping the hotdogs. This time everything was very cheap since my girl opened her Ikea family card.

Ikea in Japan Meatballs
Ikea in Japan Meatballs
Hotdogs were delicious too tho !
Ikea in Japan hotdogIkea in Japan hotdog

THERE IS A NEW BURGER KING OPENING IN GYOTOKU STATION! heh maybe not big news to you but to me hell yea ! The closest burger king from here is errr 40 minutes away in train ? something like that.
NEW burger king opens at gyotoku station!NEW burger king opens at gyotoku station!

at 25th of December we will make tacos so bought some things for them as well.
Ready to make tacos !Ready to make tacos !

panorama photo again !
LALAport Tokyo bay

ps. if you watch Terebi asahi now in Japan lady gaga is live there now ,, not a big fan but my girlfriend likes her a lot.

4 thoughts on “Ikea and Lalaport

  1. I’m not much of a fan either, she has few good songs tho. Burger king is awesome 😀 I wanna try their Pizza size burgers but I think they were only for Christmas.

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