Merry Christmas/Hanukkah From Japan


So Christmas went and New Years is coming coming fast ! Our Christmas here in Tokyo went very well with delicious Christmas chicken that we reserved from KFC before and with a tasty Christmas cake from Baskin Robins that we got on Christmas eve.

In Japan two most important things to have on your Christmas table are chicken and cake.

At baskin Robins we could not get a christmas cake since all were reserved but we did get a normal cake from there that was great !

There was a long line at 24th as well

Christmas in Japan

This is the normal Christmas box that you get when you order a Christmas cake.

Christmas in Japan

This is what we got !
Christmas in Japan

Luckily we had our Christmas chicken reserved from KFC november already so we got the set that we wanted. I have to say that I love KFC in Japan ! In that box was the perfect amount for us as well.

Christmas in Japan

I actually forgot to take a photo of the chicken because I was starving.

But this the cake we ate.

Christmas in Japan
Christmas in Japan

And after we got everything eaten we took a breather and relaxed a bit and then we started to make the Christmas house that we bought and here are the results 😀
Christmas in JapanChristmas in JapanChristmas in JapanChristmas in JapanChristmas in JapanChristmas in JapanChristmas in Japan

Now we are in a hurry with packing and getting ready for our trip to Aomori, to be exact Hirosaki city. We’ll be staying there about a week. Today we will go there from Tokyo station with a night buss and we will be coming back at 3rd of January in a Shinkansen (bullet train).

I’ll have my camera with me so I will try to get some beautiful winter landscape photo as well as photos of the Hirosaki castle.

Also I will be updating at least a little from my ipad while I am there! but for now Have a great week and HAppy new year 2012 for everyone ! thank you so much for following my life in Japan so far !

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas/Hanukkah From Japan

  1. it was very ! 😀
    thank you ! you as well ! have great holidays ! and happy new year ! I’ll take a lot of photos there so don’t worry !

  2. looks so oishii!! well have a nice holiday,merry christmas and a happy new year!!! waiting for next photos!!!

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