Day before new years!

I’m now in a car going to Aomori city from hirosaki. it’s snowing a lot ! I have never in my life seen this much snow, everywhere you watch you see only white.

Yesterday I made my first visit to the sea of Japan, on the left side of Aomori. Very beautiful sea and in there wasn’t that much snow either because it is so windy there.

I haven’t gotten much good photos yet but I’ll keep trying!
Tomorrow is the new years party with my girlfriends family, it will be interesting since no one speaks English and only few speak Japanese (many speak only the hirosaki accent).

Took couple of photos through the window (right now)






5 thoughts on “Day before new years!

  1. That’s alot of heavy wet snow and alot of it. I want to make a snow man. Maybe you can and take a pic for me haha have fun and stay warm. It is beautiful though.

  2. Actually i feel warm, it’s only like -6c here now but I’m from Finland thats normal winter weather is the same but with -30, so this is pretty much nothing to me. But the amount of snow is shocking

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