First of all sorry that I haven’t been updating my site at all this past month. I been trying to make it more “professional” looking but no luck even tho I got the webhosts and everything paid.

Let’s now continue with this until I can get someone to do it for me 🙂

I’ll be back logging a lot now from the days when I came back from Aomori to Tokyo.

In the year there are couple of dates when most of the stores have these “surprise bags”. Bags of goodies that are different prices and full of interesting things. For example the apple stores had bags that costs some couple of thousand yen and inside it had anything from ipods to macs (getting a laptop was of course very lucky).

I took couple of photos in some stores that I saw them,
Suprise bags in Japan
(these bags are full of Manga and games)
Suprise bags in JapanSuprise bags in JapanSuprise bags in JapanSuprise bags in Japan

I tried this new Macha they had in starbucks and I loved it ! Not sure if they still have them but if they do you should check em out !
Starbucks Tokyo

Normal morning mcdonnalds shot 😀
Morning set at mcdonnalds Japan

I came to Finland few weeks ago for a while because of family reasons and for work a bit but don’t worry I’m on my way to Japan soon!

I’m so happy to see that even tho I haven’t had time to post on my site people still visit here daily. Thank you all for following my life in Japan and liking my photos.

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