Shopping day in Akihabara

Few days before I left Japan to come to Finland I was busy with work and shopping. Yodobashi Akiba is my main place to buy electronics and camera equipment in Tokyo since the points you get to your yodobashi point card are awesome and of course that place is cheapish.
Akihabara shopping

This day we went there and I bought two new webcams I got the Logitech C910 (photo) and I got one cheaper one for my girl as well. Long distance relationship is hard but these days the technology has made it much easier.
logitech c910 webcam in japan
Also I did buy other things like portable battery that works with ipad2,iphone4 etc so I’m never without power and got some memory card boxes and so on.

In the morning we had meals in Lotteria, I don’t often eat there so I wanted to try their morning set out. I do love their cheap shakes tho!
Lotteria TokyoLotteria Tokyo

Always when we are walking near Akiba and we see the New york doughnut plant and we say to each other that we will buy from there someday and this was the day and damnnnn they were deeelicious ! When I get back to Tokyo I will get them the first day !
Deeelicious !

Japanese toilet map!
Japanese toilet
Shopping bags!!
Akihabara shoppingshopping in japan

I saw these Surprise bags in Asakusa again ! I almost bought one since they were fairly cheap and you could get the psp vita, camera or Wii 😀 Next time this season comes I will get one
Japanese surprise bag

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