Hamburgers of Tokyo


Here are some of the most delicious hamburgers I have eaten in Japan and some other extras!! If you don’t become hungry while reading this post there is only two options:
1st. you don’t like food
2nd. you are a vegan or vegetarian

Let’s start with the awesome M.O.S burger ! This burger is my favorite there and I miss it so much !
MOS burger and Pizza-LaM.O.S BurgerM.O.S Burger

Just look at how tasty that looks 😀

Hard Rock cafe Tokyo

World famous restaurant strikes again!
Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo,JapanHard Rock Cafe Tokyo,JapanHard Rock Cafe Tokyo,Japan

Always a good place to go to have a great evening.

Freshness burger

Very similar burger place to M.O.S but I guess this place is more “fresh” ? 😀 hehe
Freshness Burger

Got a love those onion rings as well 😀

McDonald’s (マクドナルド)

I don’t eat often Mc often but the morning sets I love !
5th day! まじ東京あげぽよ☆

Cheap and good !

Hooters Tokyo (フーターズ 東京)
hフーターズ Hooters, 東京 日本 Tokyo Japan

That was my first time in Hooters and damn it was goood 😀 women were nice too hehe 😀

zest cantina (ゼストキャンティーナ)
Hamburgers at zest cantina EbisuHamburgers at zest cantina EbisuHamburgers at zest cantina Ebisu

Zest is a great place ! I recommend eating here ! their website is in English as well 🙂

Wolfgang Puck (ウルフギャング・パック)

Wolfgang puck andWolfgang puck andWolfgang puck and

Very cheap and delicious place as well ! easy to find in Harajuku 😀

Festival Hamburger
Asakusa,Tokyo Hagoitaichi marketAsakusa,Tokyo Hagoitaichi marketAsakusa,Tokyo Hagoitaichi market

This burger was huge and gooooddd 😀

There were couple Hamburgers that you might like to try in Japan!

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