Love Tokyo Love Japan。愛の東京 愛の日本

Showing you some photos of Tokyo that I have taken in the last year. Some of my favorite places I like to go sometimes.

Let’s start with one of the most obvious choices.
Senjo-ji Temple (金龍山浅草寺 )
東京,日本 Tokyo, JapanAsakusa,Tokyo Hagoitaichi market

Most people who visit Tokyo probably go here first when they arrive to the city. Senjo-ji is a beautiful place night and day. I like it because it’s a great place to take some photos and meet new people also the best hostel in Tokyo called “Sakura hostel asakusa” is there and I like to go there to use their fast wifi and meet old friends and get new ones.

Ueno Park (上野公園)

東京,日本 Tokyo, Japan花見 上野公園. Hanami, Ueno park. Tokyo Japan 東京 日本

Not one of the best parks in Tokyo but still I like it with the nice little lake they have there and of course the museums and the Ueno zoo. I remember the first month in 2011 when I was in Japan I often came here with a bentou (Japanese lunch box) or with some pastries to have nice quiet time relaxing and eating.

Spring when the cherry flowers are at full bloom the park is breathtakingly beautiful, full of colors and full of people having a great time.

Tokyo Disneyland (東京ディズニーランド)
東京ディズニーランド, Tokyo Disneyland東京ディズニーランド, Tokyo Disneyland

A great place to spent a day waiting 2-4 hours (if it is a good day) to get in to an attraction. Let your inner child out have fun! This place is a bit on the expensive side but still a awesome place to enjoy your time. I have been here couple of times now and always had a blast.

Odaiba (お台場)
Tokyo, Japan/東京 日本Tokyo, Japan/東京 日本

One of the best places for date or a day of shopping! Odaiba is full of malls and stores where you can find anything you want and then some. With it’s beautiful shore line and romantic view makes it one the best places to take photos. I especially like the restaurants on the top floors of one of the malls called Aqua city, where you can eat delicious food and watch the breathtaking scenery.

Rainbow Bridge (レインボーブリッジ)
東京 日本。Tokyo JapanHappy,Tired, Full of Food! 幸せ、疲れた、お腹いっぱい!

The amazing bridge that connects Odaiba to the rest of the Tokyo. I love to walk to odaiba through this bridge, the wind and the view make it worth it! I haven’t seen that many bridges in my life but this bridge is my favorite!

Tokyo is full of great places where I like to be including Nakano,Akihabara,shibuya,ikebukuro and so on but I will write more about them later on 🙂

Here are couple of little polls because I want to know a bit about you (my readers) as well.

You can add your own options to this one 🙂

4 thoughts on “Love Tokyo Love Japan。愛の東京 愛の日本

  1. It is a beautiful bridge indeed. Since I am in Virginia and near the Chesapeake Bay with all its tributaries I go over a bridge everyday lol.
    The Chesapeake Bay bridge-tunnel is 17 miles (27.35 km) long by itself but lucky I don’t need to take that, it costs $13 for one way XD

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