Soon in Japan


I’ll be going to Japan in the begin of may, to be more exact 15th if I remember right I guess that would be kinda in the middle but what ever!

I’ll be updating my site at least once a day and you can expect a lot of photos and videos as well ! sadly this time I can’t stay too long in Japan since this summer I have to go in to the Finnish military service which is mandatory for Finnish citizens. I have pushed it for years now because I truly do not want to go but this year I just get it over with so I don’t have to think about it in the future. It’s only 6 months so not that bad but that is still six months I could be living in Japan.

Again I will take a lot of photos on the day I will fly back to Japan! This time I will be flying via London and waiting there in transit for 5 hours. Sadly I could not get flights with JAL because they were just too damn expensive so I’ll be flying with Finnair and BA this time. I haven’t flown with BA for quite some time so will be interesting to see how good they are these days.

I have this tradition that I do before I travel somewhere that  I stop watching my favorite tv shows and anime until the day I fly so in the airport buss, at the airport and in the airplane I have a lot of entertainment.

I’ll be making a izakaya party soon as I get back and you are all welcome if you are in Tokyo at that time. Since my girl has moved back to north Japan I will visit there as well of course so I will try to get some photos taken in there too.

I have been working some odd jobs to gather some more cash for this trip and to be honest I have done quite well that means there will be many asahi bottles and delicious food with my name on them !

Now I’m trying to sell my ipad2 quickly away so I could get the “new ipad”. I guess I’m just one of these apple crazy people who have to have everything “new” heh. Actually I will be going to few things when I get back to Tokyo from the apple store including the new ipad, ipod nano and a big maybe a macbook air as well.

I uploaded some photos from my childhood home to a website if you want to see My room in Figure fm. I know it is a bit Otaku-ish “geeky” . Since I’m traveling so much and planning that move to Japan I decided that I’m not getting a new place in Finland so I’m still in that room heh. I had my own apartment once but it got flooded so moved my stuff back here for a bit.

Also in that same website you can see photos from my apartment in Tokyo.

To conclude just in one month I’ll be back in beautiful Japan taking photos everyday and updating my site more and more. I hope there I can find someone who could help me make my site better ! 😀

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